HTMLbeat Licensing

HTMLbeat templates are normally released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

However, a purchase of the Wiz CMS entitles you to a single usage license without attribution.

What Does That Mean?

- Without a Purchase of Wiz CMS -

Attribution: You may modify and use an HTMLbeat template for free for any commercial or personal project as long as you leave the attribution link in the template.

No Derivatives: You may redistribute the template (such as putting it up for download on your own website) as long as you are redistributing the original unmodified version with all attribution and licensing intact.

- With a Purchase of Wiz CMS -

With each single purchase of the Wiz CMS you get 1 license to modify and use any HTMLbeat template for any 1 commercial or personal project without any attribution needed. This is 1 usage (i.e. 1 website) but for any HTMLbeat template. That includes switching templates. Feel free to start out with a "Coming Soon" template and change to a full template later, or switch which template you're using later if you decide you like another one better. As long as it's all 1 website/project that's fine.

To claim usage of a template without attribution simply put a comment at the bottom of your homepage with the envato username used to purchase the Wiz CMS in the format usr: username. Example: <!-- usr: MBMedia -->. This is required so we can know a site that is just not attributing vs. one that has a license.

Or, if you feel the need to encrypt your username then type your envato username (just the username) into the field below and it will output an encrypted version of the comment.