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Making Multiple Items Editable on One Page

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It's Pretty Easy

If you've gone through the first 2 tutorials for simple text editing and rich HTML editing then you've got a decent grasp on how to set up an editor to edit some content in Wiz CMS. However, both times we set it up to only edit once instance of content. With Wiz you can do much more than that.

So how to do it? It's actually drop dead simple.

Step 1

Remember when you made a text file called mytext.txt for earlier tutorials? Well, just make another of a different name for the second piece of text you want to edit. Repeat the same process with it as before.

Step 2

Remember when you pasted the snippet out of PASTE-IN-HTML-SNIPPET.txt? Do the same thing with the other piece of content in your page that you want to edit. That code can run as many times as you need it on one page or on many.

Step 3

You know how we made an edit folder with the instance of the CMS in it? Well, we can put more than one copy of that file in there. Just give it a different name. For example, name one hours.php that's editing a site's store hours, and another welcome.php for one that's editing a welcome message. To access each you'd go to http://mypretendsite.com/edit/hours.php and http://mypretendsite.com/edit/welcome.php respectively.

But Wait, There's More!

Well, not more that you have to do. You can now edit multiple parts of the page by going to those 2 URLs. That much is done. But to make things simple there's an included menu file that you can use.

It's in the EXTRA folder and it's named multi-wiz-menu.html. If you were to rename that index.html and drop it in the edit folder of your site alongside the hours.php and welcome.php files then it would be the default page you see when you went to http://mypretendsite.com/edit/ and from there you can edit that file to make it give a menu of your various CMS instances for the user to go to. So even with a bunch of things set up to edit, you can still make it easy for your user to keep them all straight.

Editing The Multi-Wiz Menu

In this file you'll find an area that looks like this:

<a href="editor-instance1.php">Part One</a>
<a href="editor-instance2.php">Part Two</a>
<a href="editor-instance3.php">Part Three<small>Optional description text for this item.</small></a>

Simply make one <a> link in that format for each CMS instance you have and it will show a nice menu for them all.

Have a Lot of Them?

When you have a lot of editors set up you can also nest these menus; i.e. have one menu (for example a menu of pages) point to other menus (for example a menu of CMS instances for 1 page worth of content). When you do stuff like this convenient back arrows automatically appear helping you go back up to a "parent" menu, making it really easy to stay organized.

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