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Translating Wiz CMS


Wiz CMS was designed for its text to be easily customized and translated. Extra care was taken to make all text easy to edit to your needs. This not only means custom titles, descriptions, help rollovers, etc., but also an easy to translate it to other languages.

The General Idea

Each module of the Wiz CMS has a bit different setup of its files. But for each of them each file within the CMS instance holds its text within easily editable variables toward the top of the file. This means that the basic process of editing is to open each of the HTML/PHP/JS files that are part of a given editing module and look at the top ofthe text. If there's variables there for editing...edit them to your desire! If not, move on. Spend a minute or two looking at those and editing the text that you find...and you're done!


You may have noticed that the rich html editor uses the WYMeditor code package. This is a little bit different for translating. WYMeditor comes pre-packaged with a bunch of available translations. For the text editor just make sure to find the $languageForWYMeditor variable in the editable variables all on the top of the file. Find the EXTRA/wymeditor/lang/ folder and in there you'll find all the translations. Set the $languageForWYMeditor variable to the filename (sans extension) of the translation file to use. For example en (for English) to load the en.js translation file.


It's that simple. This allows you to translate or simply just customize the text within any given instance of a Wiz CMS module.

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